Academia Barilla

Academia Barilla is the first international center dedicated to the development and promotion of Italian Gastronomic Culture established in 2004 in Parma. Its foundation marks the starting point of focused attention paid to social and cultural values that revolve around food and its preparation. It’s a place where the world of professionalism and cooking unique skills can meet the Italian food culture lovers.


Academia Barilla is born to defend and safeguard Italian food products made by reputable artisans and certified denominations from poor-quality imitations, promote and spread the understanding of these products and their role in traditional Italian cuisine and also develop and support Italian gastronomy by investing in the restaurant industry’s understanding and application of Italian culinary philosophy.


Academia Barilla is located, just steps away from downtown Parma, on the grounds of the former Barilla Pasta Factory, built in 1910. The project was designed by celebrated architect Renzo Piano and is one of the most innovative industrial redevelopments.
Academia Barilla is just a part of a multifunctional complex named Barilla Center which includes: The Paganini Auditorium housed inside the former Eridania headquarters, multi-sensory laboratory, 16 Professional Kitchens for teaching and practical training, which are equipped with the latest technology.
Academia Barilla basement houses the rich Gastronomic Library, an essential step for culinary arts and taste evolution, with a unique heritage of over 8.500 volumes (from 16th century to the present), constantly updating and a section of periodicals includes collections of 30 magazines related to food and wine.
Academia Barilla has recently acquired an impressive Menu Collection, to accompany the vast selection of books housed in the library. The menu collection was built by culinary scholar Livio Cerini di Castegnate and his wife, Signora Wilma. There are over 4.700 historic menus and 160 gastronomic prints (xylography, etchings and lithographs dating back to 15th century).


Academia Barilla offers a wide range of training courses and personalized tasting experience, organized both for variety of topics than for skill levels.
Academia Barilla is also the ideal starting point for Gourmet Tours in the Valley of Food: a customizable experience, both in content and in duration, to know a territory rich in enogastronomic traditions among unforgettable landscapes and appointments of high-level cuisine, from traditional vinegar producers where the Modena or Reggio balsamic nectar matures, to the places of production of high-quality local products; from the dinners in castles and historic houses of great charm enriched by concerts and musical events, to shopping in Italian fashion and design stores and moments of relax at spas and wellness centre.
In January 2007 the Harvard Business School has selected Academia Barilla in the prestigious annals of Harvard Business School’s business case studies as a beacon of Italian Gourmet Food Culture and Gastronomy that protects and promotes authentic food products from Italy.
In June 2007 Academia Barilla was honored of the “Enterprise-Culture Prize” for the promotion of the culture of gastronomy and Italian Creativity in the world.

For more Info: www.academiabarilla.it