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The Culture of typical products and the territory: these are the key factors of the “Food Museums” project initiated by the Provincial Administration of Parma and co-ordinated by the Councillors for Productive Activities and Tourism.  Created after a careful preliminary study begun in 1999, the museums are now organised in a Cultural Association.

Parma, the Italian Food Valley, is proud of its excellent typical products, fruit of the traditions and experience of many centuries which have produced these champions of gastronomic quality.  Such wealth should be appreciated, not only at the dining table but also from a historical, cultural and tourism point of view.  In this way the idea of planning and realising a network of musums, strategically located throughout the territory dedicated to telling the ‘story’ of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, typical Salumi or cured meats – Prosciutto, Culatello, Salame, Spalla, Coppa – and  Tomatoes which, originally from America, have found in Parma an ideal environment  for cultivation and processing.

The close link with the territory is a strategic factor of the project; it is, in fact, one of the particular characteristics which render the product unique, and represents a significant factor in the promotion and enhancement of tourism.

Our products and the art of food preparation