Museum of Olearia Art

The ancient olearia art relives in Agorà museum in San Secondo

The Museum of Olive Oil Agorà Orsi Coppini is located in Podere Fieniletto and in a former dairy of XIX century specialized in the processing of Parmigiano Reggiano in San Secondo Parmense, in the heart of Food Valley.  It became the set of a recovered culture, which has been brought back to his land after about a thousand years: olive growing.

The Agorà Museum was created by the Coppini family to spread the knowledge of a product and a world that is a thousand years old art in daily life.  

The Museum has three sections:

  • Anita space dedicated to the history of olive oil with a “Genoese”-style screw press and a wooden lever. 
  • Americo space, with a two-wheeled stone olive mill with a brake-measuring device dating back to the 1950s, a hydraulic press, an iron press, a four-column hydraulic press, a hydraulic pump and two mechanical separators.
  • Reading nook where visitors can admire a two- wheeled stone olive mill.

Conference room

The structure is equipped with a conference room with 100 seats, supplied with video and audio technologies, interactivity service online and videoconferencing. Conference room is suitable for conventions, work seminars and also cooking classes thanks to its extraordinary beauty and comfort.  

The Agorà between olive trees

The Agorà is a open-air theatre surrounded by centuries-old olive trees. It has a strong thought that associates the agribusiness to the culture, the love of nature to the love for knowledge, for know-how and for art. The theatre can host till 500 people.


Museum Agorà Orsi Coppini was born thanks to the strong passion for Olive Oil of Anita and Americo Coppini, oil retailer since 1946, that continue today, after three generations, in the heart of Coppini family.

Americo with his wife Anita, both born in the Italian food valley, shared creativity and entrepreneurship to invent their way to earn enough to live with the hard work of their hands in the farmland. He, as cheesemaking master got the personal challenge to bring Extra Virgin Olive Oil back in Parma area. He was nicknamed as “Il missionario dell’olio” when, riding his bicycle, shared Extra Vergine olive oil knowledge and taught the art of tasting.

Americo and Anita have already understood, ahead of their time, the importance of the eno-gastronomic culture and the deep knowledge of the product to fully enjoy it. From their love and learnings the Coppini family has created the Museum Agorà, dedicating precisely to Americo and Anita. 

Around Olive Tree

The Museum Agorà Orsi Coppini which includes the Museum of Olearia Art and Agorà between olive trees was specially requested and created by Coppini family to: 

  • Spread Olive Oil culture, Italy is a country based on olive oil: the olive branch is indeed the emblem of Italian Republic.
  • Be an emotional journey through the oil production in which the extra Vergine (EVO) becomes the experience of the knowledge of many generations.
  •  Bring Olive oil culture back in Parma area 
  •  Share with Museum guests the art of making olive oil, established today as pillar of Mediterranean diet.
  •  Reduce the distance between producer and consumer, between olive-press and our table.
  •  Be a place of sharing with Olive Oil estimators the love for beauty, art and culture, a laboratory for meetings, for discovering Olive Oil evaluators. 

 This is what you can find in this privileged and unique space!

Podere Fieniletto, Via Bruno Ferrari, 3 – 43017 San Secondo Parmense (PR)


Open only on reservation by calling from Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 6.00pm tel. +39 0521877617


The museum is available for school laboratory on reservation, writing  cecilia.bergamaschi@coppini.it